Each industry is dotted with unique requirements and challenges. Priority and problems differ. Automotive is not retail and telecom is not media. We have a chunk of industry experts’ cent percent devoted and committed to and immersed in solving problems and making advancements in their respective zones. Our tools, methodologies and best business practices cultivated over years of experience with companies standing tall globally in all major industries are highly sought after
Problems are aplenty... Threat of looming economic slow-down, pressures of surviving, globalization, cost pressures, changing technology, faster development cycles.... We prioritize issues to maximize the impact of advice and action to our clients. Our perfect blend of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore locations into a single integrated service is truly innovative.
Giselle has established itself in the domain in a very dominant position. The company has carved out strategies to help companies maximize revenue. Our tools and techniques are tailored to improve marketing efforts. We help companies mine customer data to ensure optimal forecasting and maximum customer care. Our keys cost control programmes focus on inventory and storage reductions, manufacturing capabilities and creation of more efficient applications. Our portfolio includes diversified manufacturing and high-tech consumer electronics.

Not-with-standing the current melt-down our innovative and dynamic business solutions have paid rich dividends.

Giselle ups its focus on spiralling challenges of current stand-off, deregulation, resilience in results, where the companies feel the heat.

We have clinical solutions to the diseases of the health sector. Our experts continuously monitoring all areas including hospitals and health systems, government health departments, academic centres, physician groups, life science organizations, post acute care facilities, managed care organizations and health related technological companies.

Giselle’s thought leadership, deep industry knowledge, account-centric philosophy and industry-specific services are unparalleled. We leverage companies’ growth, enhance market reach and improve margins.

Giselle uniquely positions itself on the top of the glob. Newer challenges in the telecom sector are top of our agenda. Revolutionary changes in the media and entertainment and the cropping up challenges are uniquely addressed. Giselle’s grouped solutions to address key issues across industries are much sought after. Be it transforming the legacy organization or creating brand-new products and services, you can trust us. Giselle’s expertise enhances the Return-On-Content.

‘Keeps on moving’ is the buzz phrase here. The company ensures you the fastest pace in the fastest-ever-moving industries. Come across any challenges in integrating supply chains, developing and enhancing online reservation systems, migrating legacy applications, automating mission-critical e-business applications and in-between-miscellaneous.... Giselle Promises Solutions.

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