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FALTEL is one of the leading, professionally managed and well-reputed engineering & technology organizations in the state of Qatar under the chairmanship of Abdulla Abdul Aziz Khalid Al Ghanim, who commands high influence and respect.

FALTEL has always endeavoured to have the right business approach, with the top management having vast experience in the Engineering and Commercial Areas, and a team comprising of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technical staff, sales and marketing personnel etc. We recognize human resources as the backbone of our long-term success and have consciously and consistently focused on increasing the value-add per employee.

An essential element of FALTEL philosophy is to maintain close contact with our customers. As a customer oriented company, our goal is to search the latest technologies that meet the client’s requirement with competence and flexibility, and to execute projects as per the highest international standards. FALTEL Services range from consultancy, to engineering, planning, project management, hardware supply and operation maintenance.

FALTEL is very well established as a leading provider of system integration & execution services primarily in areas like Telecom & Information Technology. FALTEL provides the latest network access and unique turnkey solutions with the association of other leading companies worldwide that include the supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning to develop industrial strength products and solutions for corporate clients. With the expected major developments in the economy of Qatar, the company is working out plans for diversification into various other potential areas for business expansion.

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